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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mystery and Suspense

Mystery Writer’s Resources (Agents, publishers, forensics, law, copyright, police procedure, guns, poisons, mafia, security, etc.)

“10” Codes for Police officers Click on state.

Forensic Medicine (University of Dundee)

DNA Learning Center

Writer’s Guide to Autopsy

Anything you could possibly want to know about serial killers, mass murderers, etc. is at this site.** Warning: Not for the weak.

Also good: (particularly the link to characteristics and crime scenes)

Great site on Profiling

University lecture notes on criminal profiling

Click on any of these classes in Criminal Justice.
It will take you to the course syllabus.
In the Syllabus will be a schedule of lectures.
You can click on a lecture and get the lecture notes for that class.
(Forensic Law, Forensic computing, Intelligence Analysis, Profiling, Terrorism)

Phone Bugging and Wiretaps
Scroll to near the bottom of the page for lots of links including how the professionals will go in and check for bugs and remove them.

Any one writing suspense might want to check out thunderwear.

Court TV Library


The University of Texas Psychology Department has a website devoted to stalking behavior. It is . The introduction says:Welcome to StalkingHelp.Org, an information resource center for the victims of stalking. The goal of this website it to provide stalking victims, mental health professionals, and law enforcement personnel with scientifically validated, continuously updated information to help prevent stalking and its negative consequences.There are descriptions of stalkers and their victims, as well as what a victims can do in his/her own behalf.

Survival Methods taught by US Marine Corps training manual.


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