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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Reference Books

The Physics of Star Trek, BasicBooks; ISBN 0-465-00559-4, by Lawrence M. Krauss. What warps when you're traveling at warp speed? What's the difference between the holodeck and a hologram? What happens when you get beamed up? What is the difference between a Wormhole and a Black Hole? What is antimatter and why does the Enterprise need it? Discover the answers to these and many other fascinating questions as this renowned physicist and dedicated Trekker explores The Physics of Star Trek. Every futurist needs this on her bookshelf.

On This Day in History by Leonard Spinrad, Thelma Spinrad, Anistatia R. Miller, Jared Brown, Anistatia Miller, and Jared Brown; Prentice Hall Press; ISBN: 0735200645 ; Before you shoot your hero or Heroine back through time, check out this unique historical reference book. It takes the significant events of the world, one day at a time. The book is appealing because it doesn't take a chronological approach to history. Each event stands on it own; you notice it and think about it more freshly, which lets you see it for the accomplishment it is rather than as just another occurrence in the progression of time. On This Day features an index that refers you to the appropriate page for any of more than 1,500 events, where you can discover not only, what day of the year it took place, but also get a full description of what happened and its context.


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