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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Rinda (WIZARD of BLOG) Saves the Day

I found it!
I know, you didn't know I'd lost it, but here it is.
I knew I'd created a blog.
I remembered doing it.
I also remembered not writing down my member name and password information because I just knew I would remember something so simple.
By October I couldn't even remember where in the internet to find the damned blog.
It felt hopeless.
Then - And it's a miracle - Rinda Elliott mentions that she checks my blog to see what's up.
Checks it?
I can't even find it!
I humbled myself and, like a senile old lady, asked her "Where am I?"
Once I found my way home, I then had to e-mail blog central to ask "Who am I? and What is my password?" I was being cute the day I created it. Easier to remember cute, right?
Evidentally my brain doesn't work that way.
So now I'm back!
If I don't lose myself again, that is.


Go to Rinda's on line stores ! BUY STUFF !!!

(*If you do, I can sleep nights and stop worrying about her starving to death or becoming so thin she blows away in the gawd awful Oklahoma winds.)
Besides they are REALLY COOL designs.


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