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Thursday, December 29, 2005



Hyper History Online Links

World Civilization Virtual Library

Jump Back in Time

Colonial America

Compact Histories Links for Native American Tribes

History Of The Cherokee

Native Americans

Native American Herbal Remedies

Fact Monster (Year by Year)

Day Of Birth

dMarie Time Capsule

The History Net

The Historical Gazette

Lively Arts History Association

Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century

Do people have sex in the old west? Or do they "sleep together"? How about "bedding"? A hero can "bed" the heroine, but can the heroine "bed" the hero?What is the correct terminology for having sex in the old west?Jax, I keyed in courting and sparking... two terms I'd heard from the *olden days*... It directed me to

The Gunfighter Zone

History Buff. Com

Resources & Links on Women in History

Virtual Library of Museums
(links to a large number of museums on-line)

Making of America
Digital Library of American Social History

Information Please

Godey's Ladies Book (from the 1850's-60's)

Food timeline (Who ate what type of food and when)

History of Eating Utensils (California Academy of Science department of Anthropology)

Culinary Heritage

Ancient Inventions Links (Photos, descriptions and history of ancient inventions.)

Karolinska Institute has a great collection of links on each century in general:

An intriguing time, the 19th century medical practices:

Early rubber pants and diaper info:

Info on what women wore in 1830 to 1850 in the Southern US,particularly plantations in Louisiana:

Costumer’s Resource for Period Clothing

TV History

In Search of the Real King Arthur

Weapons Link

Virtual Renaissance Links

Regency rules of inheritance

Forms of Address

Internet Medieval Source book

A Medieval Atlas
More maps of the world as it was in the Middle Ages.

The Great Mortality
A three-part overview of the origins and course of the Black Death, from your Guide.

Plague and Disease in the Middle Ages
Sources for the study of leprosy and various plagues as well as the infamous Black Death.

Ben Franklin

The Music of China Links
The Betsy Ross Homepage Links
Native Americans: Legend and Folklore

Ireland & Celtic
Clans, Maps, Etc.

Culture & History

PHILOSOPHY: This site offers helpful information for students of the Western philosophical tradition
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy — An excellent site with a useful search feature.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy — A reliable source of philosophical information.
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet — A comprehensive list of philosophical web sites.
Philosophy in Cyberspace — Information on web sites, mailing lists, and newsgroups.
Philosophy around the Web — Peter King's thorough index of on-line philosophy.
Philosophy Research Base — A fine collection of links from Danne Polk.
Online Philosophy Resources — A useful general guide from Blackwell Publishers.
Philosophy at Large — from Stephen Clark and the Liverpool Philosophy Department.
Björn's Guide to Philosophy — A good source of information about individual thinkers.
Ethics Updates — Fine source of information on theoretical and applied ethics.
Women's Studies Resources — Including feminist theory; from Karla Tonella.
Women of Color Web — from the Global Reproductive Health Forum
Noema — The Collaborative Bibliography of Women in Philosophy.
The Institute for Philosophy & Public Policy — at the University of Maryland.
The Culture and History of Science Page — Hartmut Krech's fine resource.
Mind/Brain Resources — Cognitive science materials from Valerie Gray Hardcastle.
History of Economic Thought — Archive at McMaster University.
Blupete — Peter Landry's fine materials on law, literature, and philosophy.
The Realm of Existentialism — An excellent introduction by Katarena Eiermann.
EnviroLink — Extensive treatment of environmental and animal rights issues.
Anarchist Archives — Dana Ward's excellent resource for anarchist history and literature.
The Secular Web — A worthwhile source for nontheistic thought.
Twentieth World Congress of PhilosophyPaideia: Philosophy Educating HumanityBoston, Massachusetts U.S.A.August 10-16, 1998
APA Online — The official web site of the American Philosophical Association.
International Society for Chinese Philosophy — from Chung-Ying Cheng.
Filosofie — An extensive guide from the Czech Republic, by Josef Šlerka.
Encéphi, L'encyclopédie électronique de la philosophie — Par R. Tremblay et M. Robert.
Die Philosophie-Seiten — Ein Verzeichnis von Philosophie-Datenquellen von Dieter Köhler.
Philosophers Today — Von Joachim Koch und Lara Bandilla.
PhilNet: Internet-AG — Am Philosophischen Seminar der Universität Hamburg.
Dictionary of Islamic Philosophical Terms — A significant new resource from Muhammad Hozien.
Philosophy Sites on the Internet — Philosophy-related links from Tel-Aviv University.
Servizui Web Italiano per la Filosofia — Lucian Floridi, Università di Bari.
Enciclopedia Multimediale della Scienze Filosofiche — Marco Campogiani.
Philosophy Links — from fambof in the Netherlands.
Polish Philosophy Page — Guide to Polish thought from Francesco Coniglione.
Filosofía — Por J. Hernández Reynés, Universitat Autònoma di Barcelona.
phrónesis — a philosophical review published by el Grupo Sartre in Argentina.
The Philosophy Net — from Daniel Rönnedal, in Swedish and English.
No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed — Philosophical videos from Ken Knisely.
ephilosopher — an on-line community hosted by Paul J. Neufeld
Animus — An excellent on-line philosophical journal.
The Philosophers' Magazine — An attractive magazine for philosophical issues.
Factasia Philosophy — R. B. Jones's extensive philosophy site.
Truth Awakens — Philosophical Essays from Joshua J. Peete.
Here, Madam — A graphic introduction to philosophy.
Society for Philosophical Inquiry — from Chris Phillips.
Philatelic Philosophy — Postage-stamp philosophers, from Alan Soble.
Philosophical Humor — Sufficient conditions for producing an occasional smile.


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